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Join over 55,000 people who are on their way to doubling their business
with Aaron's sales tools and tips

What if I told you you could double your sales
in half the time - GUARANTEED!


Don't you think doubling your sales right now would make a difference in your business? Or 'financially' change your life? Of course it would!

Keep reading and I'll show you how you can learn to do this EASILY and EFFECTIVELY today!

Nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year, I'm known as 'The Sales King' and businesses pay me tens of thousands of dollars for a few hours of my time. I'm considered one of the worlds leading sales authorities; and like you, I started in the trenches, learned from the guru's in my industry and-through trial and error-I built a successful multi-million dollar empire from

I now have a successful global sales coaching and consulting business, with my Sales King brand helping over 50,000 people in 14 countries to attain multi-million dollar results. I tell you this not because I want to impress you, but because I want you to know that unlike most of the so-called gurus out there I walk the walk and talk the talk-in fact everything that I am going to show you I have done myself.

By the way if you haven't watched my short video make sure you do before you continue and learn my step-by-step strategies to close
85% - 98% of sales-every time.


See the Founder of Virgin Group,

Sir Richard Branson & Aaron Sansoni

LIVE in Australia at the

21st Century Financial Education Summit

If you're still selling
using the same out-dated sales techniques you've used in the past,
your business will fail - Guaranteed!

You see there's a common misconception on how to sell 'the right way' in the 21st century, and what
80% of businesses don't realise-we'll talk about this opportunity with you in a bit-is that
customers have changed forever because they: want more, they want to pay less, and they are willing
to shop around online-just like you are doing right now.

That's because selling and the A.R.T of
business has fundamentally changed in
the past decade making the old ways of
selling obsolete! In fact, part of the
reason that companies are going out of
business right now is because they are
still using the same tired 1.0 and 2.0
selling systems that no longer
work-they're not using the updated 3.0
social business-selling techniques we're
about to teach you.


And the fact is that if you don't learn how to sell and close leads using the new 3.0 system-that only
I teach in it's entirety-you'll be left behind. That's guaranteed!

Think about it! The average business closes only 3% of leads! That's 97% of leads WASTED simply because
these businesses are still using old selling techniques. Imagine you could close 85% - 98% of those hard
earned leads in half the time! Would that make a difference to your business? Of course it would! You can
do just that by incorporating only a few small 3.0 tweaks and changes to your business.

The Great news is...


By the time you finish reading, you'll
know how to do this because I am going to
show you the 'exact' methods my student
use to achieve amazing results EASILY and
EFFECTIVELY-in half the time.

Some of my students have achieved
multimillion dollar results in as little as
seven days!

In fact the couple below (Melita & Ashley Bell) made $1,900,000 over three phone calls during
their lunch break at one of my trainings using just one of the techniques I'm about
to teach you.

We made $1,900,000 over lunch with just one of Aaron's strategies!

Implement The Profit Academy Strategies you will learn inside and start getting the same results as our clients!

Of course you've heard that clever businesses are using
cutting-edge sales psychology to build their businesses to
epic proportions-but the sad truth is that most businesses
DON'T KNOW how to use 21st Century sales methods to grow
their business EASILY and EFFECTIVELY - in half the time.

However, a small select group of Entrepreneurs, Small Business owners, Companies and Sales people
HAVE discovered the secrets that only I can show you-and they've made bucket-loads of cash in the

In fact you only need to make a few small changes to create instant profits, and the fact is that using
sales 3.0 techniques it's easier to sell now more than ever before in history!

  • "As a direct result of Aaron's training I made $30,000 immediately" - John McGregor

  • "We've made $6,000,000 in 4 month because of Aaron Sansoni" - Suzy Niemeyer

  • "Just one idea from Aaron cost $100 and made us $6000 in under a week" - Lisa Sneiling

  • "We made $500,000 in sales in our first year using what Aaron teaches" - Logan Merrick

Join businesses who are generating huge profits with the next generation sale strategies

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In fact, my fleet of businesses (and my clients) have generated hundreds of millions of dollars
in revenue from the 'EXACT' same methods I am about to show you.

There is no question that using the techniques I teach to my thousands of students and clients,
from corporates, small businesses, entrepreneurs, sales people and more have made them
millions and millions of dollars.

I still find it absolutely amazing how many people have built huge businesses, or risen in the
ranks of their respective companies by implementing just a few of my strategies.

Get started on
your journey today learn the secret to closing deals and crushing competitors

The FACT is it's pretty clear that...

You Can No Longer Afford Not To Change The Way You Think About Selling.

You see I do what has been proven to work, not what some guy has told me works. For
example when I am at the gym and I see a guy with big muscles, I'll ask him how he did it
instead of reading books-learn from people with real results and...

The question to ask yourself is... "What if nothing changed? What would that mean?"

If you do what you have always done,
you will get what you have always
gotten! If you don't evolve your mindset
and the way you see the world, if you
continue selling the same out-dated
ways you've always done, you'll stay
exactly where you are.

But... If you had a MENTOR like me to hold
your hand and provide you with the most
EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE tools available, a
mentor to help you implement strategies every
single month-with guaranteed
results-imagine how much easier it would be
to reach your goals-your life would change
overnight wouldn't it!

Previously my training was only offered for
$4,000 to $25,000, but the thing is there are so
many businesses that need to learn how to sell
properly that I've decided to HELP even more
people globally to ACHIEVE their dreams.

That's why I'm allowing a select few to get
access to this training (previously out of reach)
for only a few dollars a month-that would
change everything wouldn't it?

Everyone knows that if you want to move from
point A to point B in as quick a time as
possible, you need to find your WHY... I can
help you find your why and make it super easy

We all pay either through the mistakes we've
    made in the past, or we educate ourselves to avoid bigger mistakes in the future!

Be Part of a
Select Group

  • Tens of thousands of success stories worldwide

  • DanelleWiseman

    Danelle Wiseman

    "After Aaron's training I doubled my business in 12 months and again in the last 6 months, that's $540,000 in less than 18 months!"

  • DarrenBerley

    Darren Berley

    "I can't thank Aaron enough for turning my life around personally and in business - we made $200,000 in 9 months and I've never been happier"

  • Madeleine-AlastairKay

    Madeliane & Alsiter Kay

    "We saw only 2 hours training with him and implemented from that and made $115,000 in 5 months, thank-you so much Aaron".

  • SuzyNeimeyer

    Suzy Niemeyer

    "My business has made over 6 Million Dollars profit in under 6 months in large thanks to my mentor Aaron Sansoni, he's just amazing"

Why people pay aaron
$25,000 a day TAKE YOUR BUSINESS TO THE NEXT LEVEL!why-people-title

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    "We were blown away with our days with Aaron and made the investment back within 4 days"

    Raquel Cunzolo
    Cairns, Australia - February 2014

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    "As a direct result of Aaron's 2 day's with us we've made Millions!"

    Boon Tan - Entrepreneur
    Singapore - March 2013

  • why-people-slider

    "90 days after spending $25,000 on Aaron I had made $304,521.00. He's the best I've seen"

    Chris Gilmour -
    Queenslands #1 Real Estate Agent, Author & Formula 3 Champion
    Brisbane, Australia - May 2013

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    "One word - CHEAP, that's how I describe it when people ask me was Aaron Sansoni worth the $25,000 | paid him for a day.He has changed my personal and business life forever."

    Craig patterson-Property Developer
    Melbourne,Australia-November 2013

For the first time EVER I will share some of my latest techniques and trade secrets, usually only offered to my personal Inner Circle and Millionaire Mindset
clients, which only the top 5% of sales people and entrepreneurs know about.

You'll learn ninja strategies you can't get anywhere!

Even if you think you're an ace sales gun, or have never sold a single product or service before, once you join the Profit Academy you'll begin to feel as if you've come out of a fog because when you discover the simple, yet powerful, strategies I will bring you every month-you'll wonder why everyone is not using them.

Now for the first time, I am giving away my insider techniques normally reserved for my high-paying 'Inner Circle' and 'Millionaire Mindset' clients.

Keep reading and in a few short minutes you'll learn how you can take advantage of my SIMPLE, SUCCESSFUL and COST-EFFECTIVE strategies to instantly and dramatically increase your sales in half the time-for less than the cost of a sandwich per day.

Just to be clear, I don't need to do this, I want to do this because I want to allow more people in more countries to achieve some of the same results every one of my clients are getting.

It's now clear that... Profit Academy Membership is a no brainer! Here's what you get inside...

Introducing The Profit Academy Membership!

For the first time history I'm giving you my sales 3.0 Profit Academy system, a method that has revolutionized over 50,000 businesses in 40 countries! In fact I'm giving you my 20-year learning curve, and I'm handing you my entire life's work that I charge my clients up to $25,000 a day for-at only a few dollars a month! This is not available anywhere else on the planet

My Sales knowledge & Techniques are yours to have !
  • Close 85% to 98% of sales
  • Double your sales in
    half the time - Guaranteed!
  • Build an endless foundation of leads
  • Attract the right clients,
    at the right time.
Make profit now!results guaranteed

you get me - one of the most
sought after sales mentors
in the world to help your business grow-every month!

I will personally hold your hand and provide you with a wealth of information-every
month-that you simply can't get anywhere else!

In this never before released membership I will personally teach you using my down-to-earth,
no-nonsense approach.

you are about to receive...


Monthly video workshops where I will show you some of my million dollar strategies and the latest sales 3.0 techniques, so you can close more sales all the time!


Monthly webinars with advanced strategies that will take you deeper, and even further than the steps you'll learn in my monthly videos-propel your business even faster!



Each month receive audio training taken from my award winning global sales training system responsible for creating multiple millionaires globally. Industry experts, (excluding boot camps), where you will learn the latest tips and tricks to give you the edge over your competitors!


Easy step-by-step blueprints and worksheets from the monthly videos on specific strategies you can use every month to build your business exponentially in half the time - these are invaluable! Keep them beside you and simply follow them to success.



In-depth E-books and Whitepapers that will give you the latest insider tips and secrets that I spend hundreds of thousands of dollars every year to learn from the experts in ALL areas of business.

free profit


Free tickets to live, worldwide Profit Academy events, with myself and industry experts, (excluding boot camps), where you will learn the latest tips and tricks to give you the edge over your competitors!

The total of this course
is worth $9,562.00

And this is just a small fraction of the tips and tweaks you will receive from me, and my Millionaire Mindset clients every single month that will thrust you and your business into million-dollar success.

However, I'm not going to charge you $9,562.00 because I know that you want to get my training for the best price possible, and in fact I want to help as many people as possible, so I am going to sweeten the honey pot for you!

In fact I'm not even going to charge you the usual monthly fee of $495 for this membership, because I know that you want even more value. However, once we've had 40 people join us we're going to put the price back up to $495 per month, and even at that price it's clear that you will still get super value from your membership-in fact we already have lists of people waiting to join us right now.

I tell you this because when I first started I passed up too many chances like this one and learned the hard way-I don't want you to make the same mistakes I did.

$9,562.00Regular price
$495/per monthMember Price
You're saving 93%
Make profit now!


Don't go anywhere! Im going to make it even easier for you to make profits instantlyby also gifting you over $3,565.00 of bonuses

Every Month You Will Have Access To The Latest "BONUSES" As Part Of Your Product
Academy Membership...

So your membership includes monthly training videos from me along with your step-by-step blueprints and all the other goodies we mentioned above with a total
retail value of $9,562.00, plus I'm gifting you all the following bonuses...

Bonus 1
Value $949
Expert Interviews

Join Aaron as he interviews experts, business leaders, success stories, entrepreneurs and more around the world to give you the insights you need to be successful

Bonus 2
Value $545
Monthly Social Media Sales Machine Series

Learn the latest Social Media lead magnet techniques from Aaron and his team of experts. Turn Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and more into instant lead and sales generators!

Bonus 3
Value $1764
Quick impact video trainings

Watch quick impact training videos by Aaron each month as he travels around the world and shares instant changes you can make. These 5-7 minute videos will help you get a quick condensed tip you can instantly implement.

Bonus 4
Value $697
Business & Marketing Quick Planners

After years creating Business and Marketing Plans for start-up's to top companies, Aaron has created the ultimate Business and Marketing planners that enable you to create your plan easily and effectively in a few simple moves

Bonus 5
Value $1100
Personal Success Audio Trainings

Learn how to master your State each month Aaron will give you access to some of his treasure chest of Motivational audio training to get you fired up, motivated and activated to achieve each and every day.

Bonus 6
Value $295
Step by Step guides to explode any businesses profits

From templates to blue prints and done for you solutions, each month you'll have access to a fountain of information to create instant results leveraging of Aaron 15 years' experience simply handed to you.

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    20% off
  • Just add the code profitnow
    when checking out
  • Make Profit Now!
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So you get $5350.00 in bonuses
Profit Academy membership
worth $9562.00

That's over $14,912.00 in value
All yours for

$495/per monthMember Price

It's a no brainer!


Everyone who attends my talks and sales training on how to sell the right way and implement what I teach them get excited and tell their friends about it because they get results!
  • bank-of-results
  • bank-of-results

That's why they happily pay thousands of dollars for the privilege of picking my brain for the latest and greatest buying strategies, because for many they see results within the first 24 hours.

But I know not everyone can afford the $25,000 price tag, so that's why I'm offering you access to me for only a few dollars a month, because I want to see you succeed like my clients and students.

In fact I'm so sure that when you join the Profit Academy, you'll tell everyone about it! Why? Because you'll have so much fun using my advanced strategies to make people give you money and build your business to phenomenal heights!


Eric Thomas

Eric ThomasWorld Most Viewed Motivational Speaker

"After an hour or two plane ride with Aaron he added a zero to the end of my business. He blew my mind"

Glenn Twiddle

Glenn TwiddleRebel Marketing Coach & Event Promoter

"As a business owner Aaron pulled apart my business in a day, gave me a step by step guide how to rebuild it and that has easily 2-3 x'ed my business since, and as a promoter I've never seen a more consistent million dollar maker on stage and I've been doing this for over 20 years!"

Nathan Farrugia

Nathan Farrugia#1 Best Selling Author - Amazon & ITunes

"Aaron's marketing and sales tactics help me become a #1 Bestselling author in under 12 months - he is phenomenal!"


I can see you are now beginning to grasp how valuable this membership really is, which is why I can't give memberships away to everyone. WHY? Because I only want to work with those who are deadly serious about their success!

We are only offering Profit Academy membership to the first 100 people who join us-when time runs out the price will go up to $497 and the membership will only be available to those referred by Inner Circle and Millionaire Mindset members.


  • monthly videos


  • quarterly webinars

    quarterly webinars

  • the sales king


  • step by step blueprints


  • e-books   whitepapers


  • free profit academy


  • Additional Bonus

    Additional Bonus Interviews & Trainings With Global Experts

  • Access To Additional

    Access To Additional Monthly "Quick Impact" Training Videos

  • Monthly Social Media

    Monthly Social Media Sales Machine Series

  • Business & Marketing

    Business & Marketing Quick Planners

  • to be added

    Personal Success Audio Trainings

  • to be added by

    Step by Step guides to explode any businesses profits

So you get $5350.00 in bonuses
Profit Academy membership
worth $9562.00

That's over $14,912.00 in value
All yours for

$495/per monthMember Price
Make profit now!

My 100% Double Lock Results-based NO QUESTIONS Asked
Money-Back Guarantee!


Your Profit Academy Membership is Risk-Free!

Any feelings of skepticism you may have about investing in a new product is completely normal! This is why we've decided to put all of the risk on us! At any stage if you don't get the results you want with the Profit Academy training, you can cancel at anytime during you're your 12 month membership - no questions asked!

Additionally if in the first 30 days you do not get the results you expected, or you feel this membership was simply not for you-there's no hard feelings! Simply send us an email and we will immediately refund your money - and you can keep the entire first months membership along with all of your special bonuses absolutely free!

No Questions Asked

This is our way of thanking you for your decision to
Invest in the Profit Academy.

Your business needs
leads and customers and a sure-fire way to close as many of those
valuable leads and customers as possible!

Get instant access...

$14,912Total package worth
$495/per monthMember Price
Make profit now!